Who I Am

I’m a kombucha-brewing, chicken-raising, homeschooling mom of two. And I couldn’t resent whatever picture just popped into your mind more.

The truth is, we’re all a kaleidoscope of things we’ve encountered, people we’ve loved, and experiences we’ve both embraced and endured.

I wasn’t even a painter, until I was.

I fell into photography in early adulthood. My mother is an art teacher. I grew up in a creative family. And yet, I never considered painting.

When The Water Rises painting by Britney Rumore

“We’re kaleidoscopes of ideas, ever rearranging and everchanging.”

– Britney

Years ago, my grandmother casually told me to put a Post-It on the back of a painting. She hated the idea that her children would fight over belongings when they passed. She and my grandfather collected art everywhere, and I wish I could say I loved it all, but that wasn’t the case.

There was just once piece I liked–and I didn’t just like it. It spoke to me.

When my husband and I bought our current house, even before we owned it I looked at the asymmetrical, midcentury-esque fireplace and though–that. That’s where the painting will go.

I don’t know if that painting will ever find it’s home here. And after a year of staring at the empty space, I decided I would just paint something myself to fill the spot.

And so I did.



I found a whole new creative practice.

I never expected painting to be my thing, and certainly not acrylics. I’d never even tried. And I’ve found so much fun in the process.

It’s my hope you enjoy the work as much as I do!